Eat Well Restaurant Review

When it comes to eating, it is really important to have a balance between healthy eating and tasty eating. people who tell you that is not possible must be ignorant. Don’t believe me? Head to the Eat Well restaurant in Zabeel 1, Dubai.

On July 2nd 2017, I was lucky enough to be invited to the restaurant’s ‘Taste Of Summer’ launch event. It was not my first time to this glamorous restaurant. Having visited them last winter I fell in love with how calm and beautiful the restaurant is. Their service and food is something that makes us feel so welcomed.

Their summer menu is so refreshing. Thanks to Chef Patrick for the healthiest yet tastiest meal of my life.

I would love to congratulate the restaurant on getting nominated for the Best Healthy eating restaurant by BBC Good Foods Middle East.  Do show them some love by voting.

I decided to go on this tasting adventure with my best friend and make the most out of this experience. On our entry, we were treated with great love to amazing welcome drinks. I picked up a cucumber drink while my guest enjoyed a passion fruit drink. This was so refreshing and made us more eager for the summer menu’s tasting. Not to forget, I loved how much love we were shown by their very friendly and kind staff.


We decided to start with some refreshing and delicious Thai beef salad. (Dhs.50)


From the Salads menu, we also tried out the Quinoa crunch (Dhs.55) and the Poke Bowl (Dhs.45) and totally loved it.


We then enjoyed some really amazing Rice paper rolls. (Dhs.25) Recently, I have seen these all over the internet and was very excited to try them out. Not only a healthier alternative to common spring rolls, but tastier too. Apart from the veggie roll, there were options of added chicken, Beef, or Shrimp . My personal favourite was the shrimp roll.

eatwell 3

More on starters, we tried the Raw vegan Beetroot Ravioli (Dhs.30) which has to be my most favourite and I did eat around 4 servings of this.

Also tried the Beetroot Gaspacho (Dhs.35) and the Beef Carpaccio (Dhs.40) before we moved on to the Main menu.


The Sticky Salmon (Dhs. 75) is a must have from this restaurant’s summer menu. Cooked to perfection, I hope this stays forever on the menu.

Next we tried the Land and Sea,(Dhs.85) a beautiful dish made of grass fed beef tenderloins with chimichurri sauce, butterfly shrimps, and some cassava fries. Such a beautiful protein packed dish.

The Courghetti (Dhs.55) is such a tasty and  alternative to the usual spaghetti.

Smoked Lamb (Dhs.75)  has to be the most beautiful  dish on the menu.


I know some of you might have just scrolled down directly to this section of my post. We all have a dessert loving child within us. So here is some help from this restaurant. All the dessert on their menu is gluten free, sugar free, lactose free, egg free, and Vegan. All of them are packed with natural sweetness from fruits and nuts, vitamins, and proteins.

Being a sweet tooth myself, I decided to try out all of them. The Summer Berry Tart is gluten free full of antioxidants with Chocolate, Cashew, Coconut, and fresh berries. Then a Matcha cheesecake  caught my attention. But what makes it more interesting is that its a cheesecake with no cheese. Also tried the Oops I dropped the pavlova and the Raw chocolate brownie. All the dessert in this menu are priced Dhs.35

Not to forget that they serve a variety of detox water that makes the experience of drinking water a lot more fun.

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