HERBAL ESSENTIALS – Brand Experience & Product Review

I have heard of this brand so many times and always wanted to try it out. Finally I got a chance to try out  products from this brand. And just like everyone who experienced Herbal Essentials, I am in love with this brand now.

Herbal Essentials is an all natural brand that believes in adapting Ancient Beauty Wisdom from all over the world. Also that their products are Paraben and Paraffin free. Using two of their products has already given me the urge to go buy all their products from the store. The packaging is what I love the most. It just makes me feel calm! Looks neat and not so funky – Thats exactly what I expect when it comes to skin care products. If you notice, all their products have a very light scent and a light colour too.


Its made of all natural ingredients and is mostly based on ancient ayurvedic principles. Its got dry Neem leaf and Brahmi extracts –  Neem purifies the skin and gives a healthy glow. Its also said to have anti bacterial and anti ageing properties While Brahmi helps even out the skin tone.

This facial wash also has active essential oils and uses fresh spring water from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Its free from Paraben, Parrafin, Sulphate, Soap, and Alcohol. And could be used for Normal to oily skin.

It comes in a 120ml bottle and is a gel type facial wash. Two squirts of the product is more than enough for a one time use and the packaging makes it is so easy to use. Also helps in getting the right amount of product in your palm.

My skin felt clean and fresh after using this face wash. Its alcohol free and was so gentle on my skin. It did not strip off my skin’s natural oils. Priced at AED 109,  I think its totally worth a try.


This cute jar with a very hydrating gel moisturiser has got Aloe vera & Honey extracts.

Aloe vera is known for its intense moisturising and many other beauty benefits while Honey helps clarify the skin. This combination works too good and I love using this especially for the Summer. It gives a cooling effect and soothes my skin. It even helps with puffed eyes when used after chilling it for a while in the refrigerator. I love storing most of my gel based products in the refrigerator for summers in Dubai.

I would suggest this for summers and not for winters until and unless you do not have either dry or combination skin.

Priced at AED 149, Its worth a try and could be your must have Summer moisturiser.

Please do let me know about your experience with the Herbal Essentials brand and their super amazing all natural products on the comments below. Do hit the like button if you found this information useful. 




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