PRODUCT REVIEW- Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil

Im sure everyone has heard about the new Micellar Water trend. So, I decided to try it out myself. The most popular one is available in Bioderma and costs somewhere around AED99 for a 500ml bottle. There are a few varieties available in Garnier too. But what amazed me is the recently launched Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil.

This product is a biphased micellaire. Its got two phases. The bottom layer is micellar water and theres another surprise layer of Argan oil and other makeup removing oils. Now, who does not like Argan oil. This combination of makeup remover got me all too excited.

Its a 400ml bottle that guarantees an approximate of 200 uses and it also claims to be suitable for any skin type (EVEN SENSITIVE). I have normal skin but my lip has been very problematic recently and this product was very gentle even on my lips. Hence, I can guarantee that this could be used even on sensitive skin.



So, heres what i did. I layered my face with every possible tuff makeup.

  • Primer
  • Long stay Foundation
  • Long stay Consealer
  • Setting powder
  • Bronzer
  • Highlighter
  • Blusher
  • Long lasting matte lipstick
  • Eye shadow Primer
  • Eye shadow
  • Water Proof eye liner
  • Water Proof Kajal
  • Water Proof Mascara
  • And a setting spray

After an hour when I decided to test this Garnier product, I took a cotton cleansing pad and poured  a few drops of it and started with my face. Just one swipe was enough and I got all the makeup on the cotton pad. It felt cold and was super gentle. I just wanted to keep rubbing it on my face! Such an amazing feeling!

After taking out all the face makeup, i rubbed it on my lips. Took a few swipes but I never had to rub it too hard. So i decided to hold the damp cotton pad on my lips for few seconds and took it off. The micels had loosened the long stay lipstick and it all came off. That one cotton pad was still usable and I could also remove my water proof eye makeup with it.

I recommend holding the damp cotton pad pressing against your eyes for a few seconds so that the micels could loosen the makeup and do its magic. Also that the cotton needs to be wet enough to actually make the process easier.


Ok, so this took really less time to get rid of all that makeup. And also my face looks and feels refreshed. I could easily use this to remove all my makeup and directly continue with the next look without having to prep my skin all over again.

It has a nice floral fragrance and leaves a tiny amount of residue. But feels very nourishing because the residue is not greasy, the oils present in this product is mainly Argan oil that leaves your skin feeling super soft and is also used as a very light moisturiser. So in short this is perfect for all those lazy girls out there who love good skin but do not like to spend too much time with their skin care. The micels cleanse & tone your skin while the Argan oil moisturises it perfectly.

I also used this product on few other people who totally loved it and wanted to get themselves a bottle!


-This is nearly half the price of Bioderma Micellar water. It also has Argan oil. Now thats added benefit.

-But I wish the packaging was similar to that of Bioderma because its more easy to just pump out the solution.

-I love the fact that this product contains Argan oil. You have to shake the bottle before every time you pour it into a cotton pad. But you need to act fast, the oil separates seconds after you stop shaking it.

But thats ok, can do this arm workout for the sake of Argan oil benefits 🙂



Ok, I guess no one else though of using this product for anything other than makeup removal! But I love experimenting with my skin care basics.

  • I use this even when I don’t wear makeup. The micels trap any dirt from my skin when I get back home. And obviously Im super lazy after walking around Dubai in Summer! So I would never tone and moisturise. This product does it all!
  • Its fun to watch the oils separate after shaking it. I can do this all day! haha
  • This makes a perfect ROAD TRIP ESSENTIAL! Yeah, trust me! You can never travel the highways in UAE summer without damaging your skin. at such times when you can not wash your face every now and then, this product is very helpful – Cleanses, Tones, Moisturises without making your skin greasy! Also allows your skin to breath! Do not forget, also drnink plenty of water!

So hope to see people using it on road trips here after! 🙂

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