ROSE WATER to the rescue

Why purchase luxury products when you have them all in your kitchen?

ROSE WATER is one of the easily available products that could make a huge difference in your entire life style. It not only adds a mild flavor and a pleasant smell in your desserts, but also can make your skin far better than what it was before using this wonderful product. The question is HOW exactly do we make the best use of rose water in our daily life?


Adding a desirable amount of rose water to your bath tub could give you an unforgettable experience. The rose water will leave your skin soft and smelling fresh and the aroma would help you relax. What more could you do for relaxation after a long tiring day at work!


After a relaxing shower, you could always spray in some pure natural rose water on your skin. Since the skin is very soft after a shower, it easily accepts any product you treat it with. Spraying rosewater can help you gain a soft, clear skin.


Cleansing- Toning –Moisturising! This has been revealed as the latest skin care secret. I see people flocking towards cleansers and toners these days. But you already have these products in a natural form in your kitchen shelf. Cleansing could naturally be done with coconut oil. This is known to everyone. But what is a toner? A toner is nothing but something that could balance the PH of your skin. After using soap or a face wash, your skin might get dryer. Applying a moisturiser immediately may make it too oily. Hence it is essential to use a toner before moisturiser.

I am totally against people buying a toner with chemicals mixed in it. The most easily available toner is lying right there in your kitchen shelf. ROSE WATER to the rescue! Just splash a decent amount of rose water to your face and allow it to get soaked up and then apply your moisturiser.  The results are seen over night. They also help reduce the pores in your skin.


Dabbing your fingers with rosewater in the delicate, problematic skin around your eyes, could help reduce dark circles. Prolonged use can also help reduce wrinkles. For best results, you can do this every night and leave it on till the next morning.


It’s always a wonderful feeling to be in a silent relaxing room with candles lit and yes, a relaxing aroma. This is no more a luxury. Spray natural rose water in the room and you will feel like in a spa centre. You may also use room fresheners in the flavours of rosewater or rosemary! They are meant to be the best and are also easily available. Sleeping with a good aroma will help you get a proper night sleep and will also assure you a happy morning face!

For me, after having experienced the benefits of rosewater, there is no turning back to the chemicals! 

Please do let me know about any other benefits and also leave your honest, valuable comments below! 


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